June 26, 2019



Rudbar is one of the country’s largest producers of fine bakery products and is actually the Henna manufacturing han in the country.

Due to its color and quality, this region is one of the most desirable parts of the country and it is used extensively in cosmetics, health and medicine industries.

One of the traditional and old uses of this plant is the use of its powder to paint and create beautiful roles on the skin of the hands and feet and the body, as well as coloring the hair, as well as coloring the fibers and yarns for carpet weaving and Pate and plain fabrics are used.

Its medicinal properties include the astringent property that is used orally in the treatment of bloody diarrhea and intestinal and stomach ulcers. Also, the powders of this plant for the treatment of eczema, the treatment of “rubella” includes the skin disorder that affects the scabies Anti-microcosm and fungal skin diseases and wound healing are also used. It is also one of the other medicinal properties for preventing sweating and improving gastric secretion.

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