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June 26, 2019

Black henna


Like henna, black henna is of a high quality and unique and is used as a supplement to henna powder for black hair.

This powder is usually only indigo, very beautiful in color and is used in some areas to dye fibers and yarn to weave carpets and fabrics and fine fabrics.

Other uses of these powders are used as natural colors in painting and artwork.

The company is proud to be the first and only henna and black henna processing and packaging industrial plant in the south of Kerman province, Jiroft city, providing the best product with the highest level of quality and purity, directly and without intermediaries to customers and consumers. Dear all. At first all the henna and henna dyes produced in the region were sold as leaf and raw to other provinces and they sold this product in the name of their own city, but now with the establishment of this factory we can get the best product directly. Dear cosmetics, pharmaceutical companies and other consumers.

The henna and black henna manufactured by the company in the early stages, in two stages with the machine, are cleaned of dust and other impurities and then milled with a special mill that does not bring any heat to the powder and maintains all the properties of the powder, Then it is finalized twice with micro micron sieve and sieve and finally packed and supplied upon customer’s request.

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