About us

Magdeb Sabzevaran Co. Ltd (2663), located in Jiroft city, south of Kerman province, has started its activities in supplying and supplying some products such as Henna, Wesma (black honey), dates, agricultural products and herbs. .

The company has been working hard to produce, produce and market products of the highest quality and packaging, in accordance with domestic and international standards. The company is proud to launch the first Henna and Hanay processing and packaging plant in the southern Kerman region, which includes seven southern cities (seven treasure), in Jiroft County.

The city is known for its geographic location and its climate, everywhere in the country and other countries of the world, both in terms of civilization and culture, the first human civilization and the first manuscripts in the region to discover. Both proven and varied and quality agricultural products that have seasonal products for the season are seasoned, so the region is called India, India or India.

In this company, we have been trying to send first-rate products to the highest standards of quality, standards and packaging, without intermediaries from the region to all parts of Iran and the world. Hope with your support Dear customers and criticisms We are glad to take great steps to better serve your customers and to offer products that deserve respectable consumers.

Your Trust Dear Sirs, Our Majesty is ours, and we are doing our best to maintain and increase our capital, taking ISO 9001 as well as ISO 14001 expresses this. Using the experience of yesterday, recognizing the need for the market and the customer's tastes and goals, is one of the priorities of the company in serving better consumers. All of the company's products are sold under the VARLA registered trademark, mainly on the basis of a contract between the parties.